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Are you ready to unlock the Secret's to Thriving in Self-Employment with ADHD?

You Deserve a Community That Gets It

It’s no secret that navigating self-employment with ADHD comes with its unique set of hurdles. From the relentless battle with distractions and the inconsistency of productivity levels to the daunting sense of isolation that can creep in. If you find yourself asking, "Is it just me?", know that the answer is a resounding no! This journey, while challenging, isn’t one you have to walk alone.

Feeling Overwhelmed in the Self-Employed World?

Facing the Facts
  • Starting your day with a clear plan, only to find yourself derailed by mid-morning, unsure where the time went.
  • Feeling isolated in your entrepreneurial journey, wishing for a community that understands the unique challenges of ADHD.
  • Constantly chasing deadlines, yet struggling with procrastination and difficulty prioritizing tasks.
  • Experiencing bursts of creativity and productivity, followed by periods of overwhelming stagnation.
  • Seeking balance between work and personal life, but finding it elusive, leading to stress and burnout.

if this sounds familiar...

Let me know

Navigating the path to self-employment with ADHD has been quite the journey! Traditional employment never worked for me—something that became clearer through understanding my ADHD.

Self-employment seemed like a dream solution, yet it introduced a new set of challenges, from mastering time management to overcoming constant distractions. Oh and I had extreme burnout!

However, through self development, understanding how my ADHD brain works for me and un-picking the stories Society tells us, I've managed to be more successful then I ever dreamed of! 

Join me, and let’s transform these challenges into opportunities together.

And I know how frustrating this is because I’ve been there, too!

You don't have to do it alone!

Your all access pass to Success, no really!

A space for your to learn at your own pace, get past those moments of stuckness and overwhelm and celebrate with a community that just wants to see you thrive!

And that’s why I’m so excited to let you in on... SPARKLE!

drumroll please

  • No feeling like you're falling behind if you don't watch a LIVE
  • No overwhelming Discord, Slack or Facebook


I'll also be bringing you a Live Podcast weekly just for Sparkle, giving motivational talks and a splash of magic, see below for more info!

Private Podcast

As well as the LIVE's, I'll also be doing workbooks to go along side them. That way you can refer back to them later or fill in as you go!


As Sparkle grows they'll be small get togethers with others in YOUR industry so you can connect and lift each other up!

Industry Networking

You'll get a chance to ask questions and clarify any information you need on the LIVE's and in other sessions too!


I will be going live with YOU weekly to discuss topics on ADHD and Self Employment. Calls will be on Zoom and you can turn up in your PJ's!


Sparkle has so much to offer, let's take a peak!

What's Included?

Here, every day is a celebration of wins, big and small. With live talks that ignite your mind, networking events that connect souls, and resources tailored just for you, Sparkle is where chaos meets creativity in the most beautiful way.

Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a world of support, empowerment, and, yes, a touch of magic. Because with Sparkle, the only thing more infectious than the energy is the success.

Let's make brilliance the norm, together in Sparkle!

Discover the Magic of Sparkle!

What's Inside Sparkle?

At Sparkle, we infuse our days with a touch of the mystical, offering unique experiences to inspire, guide, and transform your entrepreneurial journey:

  • Tarot Insights: Guidance from Tarot card pulls, offering wisdom and clarity to navigate your business and personal life.
  • Spells for Success: Tune into our podcast for empowering spells—crafted for motivation, focus, and prosperity.
  • Enchanted Spaces: Join a quiet space of magic, to ground yourself and journal.

With Sparkle, embrace the magic within and around you, transforming challenges into opportunities with a sprinkle of enchantment. You don't need to be spiritual, just open to something a little different. 

Let’s journey together, where every day is an opportunity to weave magic into your work and life.

Discover the Sparkle Magic

Let's add in a splash of Magic!

That's not all!

Yes and No! While I will be doing sets of LIVE's talking about different subjects, you don't have to follow along and can dive in and out as you need to and catch up anytime. I didn't want anyone to feel behind if they miss one or pressure to catch up,

Is this a course or program?


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Sparkle is designed to support individuals at any stage of their self-employment journey, offering guidance, resources, and a community that's welcoming to both newcomers and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Can I benefit from Sparkle if I'm new to self-employment?

Sparkle strives to schedule live events at varying times to accommodate members across different time zones. Recordings and resources are also made available, ensuring no one misses out on the value Sparkle offers.

How does Sparkle accommodate different time zones for live events?

You can cancel and re-join anytime you like. If however you have any feedback, I'd love to hear it, I want to make this best membership for you, so please feel free to reach out before making a decision.

What if it's not for me?


Enjoy all community benefits with the ease of a monthly payment plan.

Gem Tier


Subscribe for a year, pay for only 11 months, and get your 12th month free!

Diamond Tier

I can't wait to see you in Sparkle!


Want it for FREE? - ACCESS TO WORK:

Did you know Access to Work can fund your Sparkle Membership? If you're interested in this option please contact me here and I'll give you more information and a quote you can send to Access to Work

Here's what you'll be missing out on if you decide not to join Sparkle: Imagine a community where each live event is a chance to learn, grow, and connect with fellow self-employed individuals who truly understand the rollercoaster of running your own business with ADHD.

Beyond just networking, these gatherings are about sharing real, actionable insights that cater specifically to your unique challenges and strengths.

Daily, you’ll have access to resources, discussions, and support that cut through the noise, directly addressing procrastination, overwhelm, and the quest for balance. Missing out means letting go of an opportunity to be part of a supportive group that’s all about lifting each other up, celebrating wins, and navigating the entrepreneurial journey together, without the overwhelming buzz of over-crowded platforms.

In Sparkle, we value meaningful connections and focused, inspiring content that’s manageable and directly beneficial to you and your business.

Still thinking about it?

Here's the deal...


It was a horrible to feel like I sucked at being employed and self employed. I hated having no direction, feeling like every 2 years I was having a mid-life crisis.

I knew I could be successful, there was something in me driving me towards being self employed but there were these blocks I just couldn't seem to move past and I've had some really hard days sitting with this feeling.

Now I've figured out how self employment looks for me, I want others to get the support they need!

I'd love to hear why this is important to you?

Ok, I'll be honest with you. I started this membership for me because I wish I had a space like this at the start of my self employment journey with ADHD.

Here’s why this is so important to me...

Tell me here!

Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who understand exactly what you're going through. Sparkle offers a supportive environment where you can share experiences, seek advice, and celebrate wins with peers who become more than just contacts—they become allies on your entrepreneurial journey.

Personalized Support Network:

Unlock a treasure trove of resources specifically curated for your needs. From productivity hacks and time management strategies to motivational insights and mental wellness tools, everything you need to thrive in self-employment with ADHD is right at your fingertips.

Curated Resources for ADHD Entrepreneurs: 

Dive into a world of learning and connection with our industry-specific networking events and workshops tailored for ADHD entrepreneurs.

Exclusive Live Events & Workshops: 

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 today and you'll get instant access to:

When you enroll in Sparkle, you'll open the door to a life where your ADHD is not a barrier, but a unique asset in your thriving self-employment journey, surrounded by a community that uplifts and inspires at every turn.

Let's get unstuck and move forward together!

How will your life change when you enroll in Sparkle?

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