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Now Available! How to mak Goals with ADHD - 

More Clarity and Confidence living with your ADHD

ADHD Specific Support and Tools

Workbooks (as required)

Email support between sessions

Accountability (when required)

Working with your ATW Grant

90min Sessions

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I work with clients at various stages of the Access to Work application. Whether you're just beginning the process and need a quote and supportive resources like my free ebooks, or you've already been awarded funding and are seeking a coach who understands your journey, I'm here to help. 

Access to Work Coaching

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No fixed amount of sessions, working to your pace, not mine

More Clarity and Confidence

ADHD Specific Support and Tools

Workbooks (as required)

Accountability (when required)

Email support between sessions

90min Sessions

You get:

Looking for ADHD support that’s customised to your unique needs, beyond generic advice or one-size-fits-all programs? Want a coaching experience that recognizes and values all aspects of you, not just your neurodivergence? Look no further.
I ensure you feel truly seen and understood, far from just being another client in the queue. Let's work together to create a coaching journey that's as individual as you are.

Tailored 1:1 Coaching

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More Clarity and Confidence

Getting the best out of Employees

Busting ADHD Myths

Employees feeling valued

Resonable Adjustments Information

ADHD Tools for the workplace

Work Specific Support

Limited Spaces!

If you're an employer with an ADHD employee and wish to provide them with specialized coaching to enhance their understanding and management of their neurodivergence, I invite you to reach out for a detailed discussion.

Additionally, if you're interested in a more comprehensive approach like a workshop or bespoke business support tailored to neurodiversity, please don't hesitate to contact me. Together, we can explore the best ways to foster a supportive and productive work environment.


option THREE

What are the steps to getting Coaching? What's actually involved. Let's have a look together -

What's Next?


Start with a free discovery call. Availability is limited, so after your inquiry, I'll inform you of any open spots or, if you prefer, add you to a waiting list for the next available opportunity

Schedule a Discovery Call

Step One

Once we mutually decide to work together, I'll schedule sessions based on your Access to Work Grant or our agreed terms. Following this, I'll send over a contract for you to sign, and then we can get started.

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Step Two

Starting our work together, we'll embark on a journey towards enhanced clarity and confidence. Expect to receive deep insights, better understanding, and practical life-long tools. Each session is custom-designed for you, guided by a coach who truly understands!

Coaching begins!

Step Three

Clients using Access to Work will receive an invoice at the end of each month for sessions completed. This invoice is submitted to Access to Work for direct payment. For clients paying independently, payment is required 48 hours before the upcoming session.


Step Four
  1. Neurodiversity: Neurodivergent individuals often have unique perspectives and ways of thinking. I celebrate these differences, encouraging clients to embrace their own unique minds and approaches.
  2. Valuing Authenticity: The importance of being true to oneself. It aligns with coaching principles that encourage individuals to understand and accept their true nature, rather than conforming to societal norms.
  3. Promoting Creative Solutions: Being Neurodivergent often means thinking outside the box. This trait is invaluable in coaching, as it allows for innovative strategies and solutions tailored to individual needs.
  4. Breaking Stereotypes: Challenging typical perceptions of professionalism and effectiveness, showing that success and impact can come from non-traditional methods and approaches.
  5. Encouraging Self-Discovery: Part of my role as a coach involves guiding clients on a journey of self-discovery, helping them to uncover and utilise their unique strengths.
  6. Building a Safe Space: Creating a safe, non-judgmental space where neurodivergent individuals can be their true selves, fostering growth and understanding.
  7. Fostering Inclusivity: My coaching resonates with those who feel marginalized or misunderstood by conventional systems, offering an inclusive alternative.
  8. Championing Individuality: My Coaching underscores the importance of individual experiences and perspectives in personal development and coaching.

My 8 Coaching Values

What my clients say about working together



"Coaching made me dig deeper and be honest with myself and find the real answers that would help move me forward"

"I have always had great self awareness but"


"I have uncovered how ADHD impacts my life and how I can adapt to create a life that works for me and my family"

"I am eternally grateful to Zoe for allowing me the space to grow"


"This is due to Zoe's open and friendly manner. She made me feel comfortable and truly listened to what I had to say"

"I was surprised how much I opened up to a stranger"

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