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Guiding Late-Diagnosed and Self-Diagnosed Individuals Towards Confidence and Clarity.

Join me, a professional ADHD coach, as we explore what ADHD means for you and discover empowering strategies to work with your unique mind.

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Hello, I'm Zoe, and my journey with late-diagnosed ADHD has been a profound one. After dedicating countless hours to researching ADHD, engaging in insightful conversations with a diverse group of individuals who also live with ADHD, and delving deeply into my own experiences, I've gathered a wealth of knowledge and understanding. Motivated by this journey, I've created a Podcast and YouTube channel. My goal? To share this valuable information and insights with others, aiming to assist and empower as many people as possible on their own ADHD journeys.

A Podcast for late-diagnosed ADHD Adults

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And guess what, I still have times of feeling broken, I still struggle with friendships and like I'm an Alien in the world but the difference now...

Having self acceptance and understanding of my why I feel that way, plus tools that can help move me forward even when I feel this way.

I've had about 15 years of counselling and coaching, only to find out I have ADHD!

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